CoG Chairperson Anne Waiguru

County Governors are once again up in arms over failure by the national treasury to release to the devolved units monies owed to them in a timely manner.

They say the delayed disbursement of county equitable share is hampering effective service delivery to the citizenry.

The Governors who spoke upon the conclusion of their council meeting at the same faulted the national treasury for using absorption rate as a basis of cash disbursement to counties.

“We reject this proposal in toto as it goes against Article 219 of the Constitution and section 17 (6) of the PFM Act,2012,” they stated in a statement.

The County Bosses argue that the balances in the County Revenue Funds are not as a result of under absorption by counties but due to delays by the Controller of Budget to approve requisitions which spans over two weeks.

“This criteria is misleading and unjustified,” they said through the Chairperson of Council of Governors Anne Waiguru.

Currently, the 47 County Governments are owed Kshs. 29.6B for October and kshs. 31.45B for November 2022 allocations.

They are now calling on the national treasury to expedite the disbursement of the said monies to ensure effective service delivery in the counties.  

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