Opera Mini users hit over 100 Million users

Mobile data provider Opera Mini recorded over 100 Million users in Africa during the FIFA world cup period between 20th November and 18th of December 2022.

In Kenya alone the opera app was the most downloaded online app  on 17th and 18th December during the  3rd  and 4th place match  pitting Morocco and Croatia in which the later emerged victorious , and the final where Argentina piped France in post match penalties which was  propelled  by  the company’s “Shake and Win” campaign.                                                     

The World Cup, “Shake and Win” offered Opera fans a chance to win over $300,000 in prizes. Users needed only to shake their phone to potentially win airtime from popular providers, cash prizes, or brand-new phones. 

Africans responded enthusiastically to the excitement of this year’s unforgettable tournament in Qatar whereby over 13 million people participated across the continent, shaking their phones over 1,000,000 times a day. 

Kenyans were especially caught up in the spirit of the fun, with daily shakes peaking at over 1,000,000 shakes in the app for the entire campaign across markets, and over 53,000 prizes given away in Kenya alone. 

Opera Mini is a unique, data-saving browser built with the needs of Africans in mind. In recognition of the extremely high data costs on the continent, it allows users to save up to 90% of their data. 

According to the Executive  Vice President at the mobile Opera, Jørgen Arnesen the company is committed to providing low-cost data and bring amazing user experiences to football fans.

“The ‘Shake & Win’ campaign was a huge success. We loved sharing the overwhelming emotions of the World Cup with our users. Football fans in Kenya should continue to keep their eyes on Opera Mini, since we plan to continue bringing amazing user experiences to football fans there, especially with the return of the Premier League just around the corner," said Jørgen Arnesen, EVP Mobile at Opera.

Opera Mini is an important component of Opera’s Africa First strategy. Announced in December 2017, the company has pledged to develop mobile products and services tailored first and foremost to the needs of the African consumer. 

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