Cestoball is a team sport similar to that of netball

Plans are at an advanced stage to have Kenyan teams make history when they participate in the Cestoball games' first ever World Cup in Bangalore, India in February 2023.

According to the  Cestoball Kenya Federation (CKF) Chairman Lawrence Adera, Kenya is among the two nations in Africa that are gearing up for the global competition. 

"We are seeking to front formidable squads that will do well at the upcoming event in India.We have first selection in Mombasa on 14th and 15th January 2023 at TUM and our boys and girls have been training hard to earn a place in the team.Generally we are happy with the progress and development of this new sport across the country,” Adera underlined.

He added that the sport transmits good values, solidarity, friendship, teamwork and respect for others and helps children have a healthy life and social inclusion.

In a bid to help Kenya emerge successful in the  sport, the Argentina government has come on board to strengthen Kenya’s potential in the rare game that combines both the handball, netball and basketball tactics to excel. 

Argentina Ambassador to Kenya, Gabriela Martinic said plans are underway for an exchange program between the East African nation and Argentina that will feature several fixtures pitting the two nations.

“We look forward to hosting the Kenya national team in Argentina soon and the Argentina national team coming to play Kenya in Nairobi,” she stated.

The country will be joined by Zimbabwe in the global showpiece that the continent is hopeful to bag for the very first time.

Cestoball, a game that combines both netball and handball tactics, was brought to Kenya in 2019 but was made official last year.

A Cestoball match is played between two six-player teams in two 20-minute periods. Two players each must always be present in both the back-court and the front-court at all times failing which results in a penalty.

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