Friza Achieng lost her welter weight bout against Imane Khelif of Algeria in their World Women’s boxing championship in New Delhi,India.

Welter weight prospect Friza Achieng has termed as unfair  the decision by the refereee to stop her fight against Imane Khelif at the ongoing World Boxing Championship in New Delhi,India.

Friza disputed the decision by the referee  to end their welter weight bout in the second round. An early exchange between the two saw Khelif,reigning light welter weight  land accurate right punches that left Achieng scamper for her guard.

“I am dissapointed and hertbroken at the same time because i dont understand why the referee stopped the fight,i had not been knocked out and the game had just began”, remarked Achieng.

Head coach Benjamin Musa said the referee erred in stopping the fight adding that it wasnt warranted since Achieng had not been given an 8 standing count nor a knock out accusing him of bias.

“ i am dissapointed ,the referee has perfomed below par,you can not just stop the fight if the boxer is not under any threat to do so,it appears the referee  judged this bout based on reputation.I have lodged mycomplaint with the Technical delegate”lamented Musa.

Whereas Friza was making her debut at the games , her Algerian opponent has stacked up experience in being a world championship silver medalist and reigning Africa light welter weight champion.

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