Nairobi County Police Commander Adamson Bungei

Nairobi County Police Commander Adamson Bungei has declared Monday's Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition protests illegal due to late notification.

Bungei in addition has said that “We are in receipt of two requests that came late Saturday and Sunday morning. One was from Azimio la Umoja One Kenya and another from the Nairobi business community.” 

He says the two groups intended to have peaceful demos, but for public safety, none has been granted. 

He further, warned that those who would be found breaching security measures in place would be dealt with immediately according to the law. 

“We want to assure Kenyans that we are ready to secure their lives and property.”

Meanwhile, Azimio Premier Raila Odinga says Kenya’s resolve to reclaim their stolen election is unstoppable and that they will stage a grand march to State House on Monday.

Speaking on Sunday, Odinga said Kenyans are tired of a leadership that doesn’t care about their plight and that time has come when they should stand up for their rights.

“Kenyans are going through hard economic times, prices of basic commodities have skyrocketed yet those who stole of victory are unable to cushion them”, he said.

He said calls to have an all-inclusive exercise of recruiting Commissioners to the IEBC have been ignored and “this is more reason we are going to converge in the CBD in Nairobi and then march to State House to reclaim our stolen victory,” he concluded.

On Tuesday, March 14, 2023, Raila unlawfully declared Monday, March 20, 2023, a public holiday.

At the time, Raila who was speaking during a political rally noted that his supporters will not be working on that day.

"I hereby declare, in the name of Azimio one Kenya Alliance, We declare that Monday, March 20 will be a public holiday," Raila said.

The declaration by the former premier came after a request by Narc Kenya Party Leader Martha Karua who asked him to make the declaration to enable all working Azimio supporters to participate in the demos.

She had said: “I am requesting Raila to declare that day a public holiday to allow us to complete this work. We cannot keep having elections rigging every year, it has to stop.”

"The people must use their constitutional right to ensure that they allow the person who was chosen by the people to take over the leadership of the country. Let us join the rally to save this nation. This fight is for the people of Kenya," Karua added.

The holiday he said is to allow Kenyans to participate in planned demonstrations with the destination set for the State House.

Despite Odinga's declaration, the Kenyan Constitution only allows the Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of Interior to declare a public holiday.


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