President William Ruto

The Cabinet has Monday considered and approved the implementation of the Kenya Digital Superhighway Project.

The project seeks to strengthen the nation's ICT backbone by increasing the fibre network coverage across the country, reducing the cost of internet connectivity, and enhancing the delivery of e-Government services.

The seminal project will feature the laying of over 100,000 Kilometres of fibre optic cable across Kenya,  the creation of 25,000 public Wi-Fi hotspots and the establishment of Digital Village Smart Hubs and Studios in each of the nation's 1,450 wards.

As part of the new paradigm in the delivery of public services, Cabinet similarly considered the progress made in the automation of Government Services.  As part of the programme, the Administration seeks to automate the provision of over  5,000  Government  Services within six months.

Towards that end, the day's meeting noted that over the last month over 1,200 services have already been onboarded on e­Citizen.

The automation of Government services is being steered under a thematic approach covering; Business Process Automation, digitization of manual records, enhanced data sharing across agencies, and the use of a Single Unique Identifier for access to digital services.

Part of these innovations are being rolled out under the Kenya Digital Economy Acceleration Programme (KDEAP) and supported under the World Bank's Digital Economy Moonshot Project.

To showcase the progress Kenya is making in embracing technology, and as part of global peer review and exchanging of learning experiences, Cabinet also approved the hosting of the International Association of Science Parks (IASP) World Conference 2024 in Kenya.

In addition, Cabinet sanctioned the fact­ tracked full rollout of the Ardhisasa system.

This pilot phase of the countrywide digitization project is part of the National Land Information Management System which will facilitate business continuity.

The Cabinet convened Monday for the inaugural meeting of the Year 2023.

The Meeting was preceded by the Administration's maiden Annual Retreat for Cabinet, Presidential Advisors, Principal Secretaries and the senior ranks of the Executive.

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