President William Ruto.

President William Ruto has dismissed calls for the return of parliamentary system of government terming it unconstitutional.

Ruto said reverting to the Parliamentary system of government is against the will of the Kenyan people who endorsed the Constitution (2010) which allows for a Presidential system of government.

However, the President said there is need to refine the Presidential system to ensure accountability.

“We had an opportunity to decide whether this country will go parliamentary or presidential. The people of Kenya decided unanimously that they wanted to elect their President. We have crossed the lubricon on matters parliamentary or presidential. What we need to do is to refine the system of government that the people of Kenya deiced (Presidential) so that it is much more accountable.”

Ruto was reacting to calls for the return of the Parliamentary system from leaders allied to the Azimio coalition party.

The Head of State spoke in Mombasa during the opening of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association’s Post Election Seminar.

Ruto also called upon Members of Parliament to expedite the amendment of standing orders to ensure that Cabinet Secretaries answer accountability questions in the National Assembly.

He said articulating government policy and answering questions from the floor of the house is fundamental to the transparency and accountability of government.

“I respectfully reiterate my request to parliament and urge honorable members to move with speed in effecting the appropriate amendment of the standing orders once the house resumes,” he said

President Ruto stated that his request to have Cabinet Secretaries answer accountability questions in Parliament is meant to enhance parliamentary effectiveness and does not seek to amend the constitution.

“When I sent the request to Parliament for you honorable members to consider Cabinet Secretaries answering directly to the members of parliament it was not an issue of trying to renegotiate the constitution, it is an issue of accountability. I am a very strong believer that a government is as good as the accountability mechanism that has been put in place,” he said

Ruto announced in September 2022 that he will push for the amendment of Parliamentary standing orders to ensure that Cabinet Secretaries in his administration answer accountability questions in the National Assembly.




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