China Documentary Festival with UNESCO held exhibition event at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France, December 2, 2022. /CMG

Co-organized by China Media Group (CMG) and the Permanent Delegation of the People's Republic of China to UNESCO, the China Documentary Festival (CDF) with UNESCO was held successfully on Friday at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France, as it is also the first time that the CDF has sent more than 50 films to international organizations for screening.

CGTN's documentary "Human Carbon Footprint" met international audiences for the first time during the event. In the documentary, CGTN tells the story of Chinese people entering a new journey of "promoting green development and harmonious coexistence between human beings and nature," elucidating China's desire to share opportunities and develop alongside the rest of the world.

Shen Haixiong, president of CMG, addressed the event, saying the expectation of mutual trust, the longing for unity, and the desire for peaceful development are the common voices of people around the world and the aspirations of the CDF.

"CMG will collaborate with friends at home and abroad to connect the community with a shared future for mankind with films, instill more confidence and strength on our planet, and run towards a better future for humanity together," he said.

"The spirit of innovation and local ownership must be fully harnessed to develop lasting climate solutions," said Santiago Mourao, president of the 41st session of the General Conference. He then praised the spirit of the documentary "Human Carbon Footprint", noting that there are strong cases from around the world that demonstrate that humans are reshaping their relationship with nature.

The world's population has reached eight billion, and the precious home on which human beings depend has become imminent. During an interview, Olivier Le Baube, director of International Development and Foreign Trade Advisor for France, said he saw that China has not only bridged the gap between countries but also made unremitting efforts to protect nature and achieve the goal of sustainable industrial development.

Alex Wang, honorary president of the French and Chinese Ecological and Solidarity Transition Association, found the "Human Carbon Footprint" to be very enlightening and exciting, saying the audience was treated to a full tour of various new technologies to combat global warming.

Over the past five months since its opening on June 21 in Beijing, the CDF has drawn 102 media and overseas organizations from 60 countries.

The festival will run until the end of 2022, after which CGTN will begin a new round of global exhibitions in 2023.


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