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Former Jumia executives have launched a new e-commerce platform dubbed Kapu which is expected to help consumers source daily used products in bulk at affordable prices. 

Kapu Chief Executive Officer Sam Chappatte who was previously headed Jumia Kenya said consumers will benefit from low prices by sourcing products directly from farms and manufacturers through the platform. 

“We think it’s unfair that consumers in Kenya spend 40pc of their income on food, when Americans spend 6pc. This is a huge blocker to social mobility. Our goal at Kapu is to build the most relevant model of e-commerce for the majority of urban consumers in Africa. By working with existing community groups and local entrepreneurs, we believe we can play a part in reducing the costs of goods, and unlocking opportunities for millions of people,” said Chappatte. 

Kapu also seeks to create a low-cost logistics model that will guarantee minimal food waste as it targets to ensure deliveries are done within 24 hours to a Kapu Agent collection center near buyers homes. 

“Once a customer tries Kapu, our data shows that they quickly adopt Kapu for their weekly grocery shopping needs. It works because our model is relevant - we sell the products people want, affordably, and work with trusted community partners. In our first year of operations we will have saved consumers Ksh 40 million, be on track to deliver 1 million orders annually and working towards profitability,” added Chappatte. 

The firm already has 1,500 Kapu Agent Collection Centers in Nairobi and plans to open up access to its services across the capital by March next year.

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