Green Park Terminus

The Nairobi Metropolitan Services under Lieutenant General Mohamed Badi mooted an idea to move Public Service Vehicles plying Ngong Road, Langata road, and Mombasa road routes from the Nairobi Central Business District to the new Green Park Terminus next to Uhuru Park.

While the idea was a good one, tests have only led to chaos and long traffic jams. The green park terminus has failed to accommodate the thousands of vehicles on these busy routes.

However, Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has now made a turn to ensure that the green park terminus is not a white elephant project and took up the idea to have this terminus accommodate vehicles from upcountry accessing the city from Waiyaki way. This is a decision that is supported by the majority of the people of Nairobi.

First, by having vehicles from the rift and western parts of the country end their journey at the green park terminus; you shall be decongesting CBD as well as moving business opportunities to the area.

Traders will have an opportunity to sell their various wares to travelers who use the terminus. More business opportunities will have been created and from these traders, the county government shall have a wider pool of traders from who to levy license fees and other business charges.

Inside the Central Business District, more parking spaces will be left by the Matatus and busses moving from town to the green park terminus, decongesting the Central Business District and more revenue will be realized by the county government from these parking spaces in the CBD. Further, the terminus itself, which is currently not officially in operation will get to be fully utilized and see that the taxpayer’s money used in the construction does not go to waste.

Kenn Okaka is a media and communications strategist

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