Deputy Permanent Representative of Kenya to the United Nations Ambassador Mike Kiboino

Kenya has assured of its continued engagement with the Peacebuilding Commission.

According to the Deputy Permanent Representative of Kenya to the United Nations Amb. Mike Kobiono urged for continued advocacy and decisiveness in ensuring adequate and predictable peacebuilding financing.

Kenya called for reinforced investment in the interlinkage between peacebuilding and development particularly in conflict-affected countries and those undergoing political and peace transitions.

Ambassador Koboino emphasised greater focus on localised peacebuilding through national and regional ownership while stressing on national reconciliation, inclusive political and economic empowerment.

This even as the UN Peacebuilding Commission in New York Thursday elected Croatia as new Chair of the Peacebuilding Commission, along with Bangladesh and Germany as new Vice-Chairs.

At its formal meeting Thursday, the Peacebuilding Commission adopted the annual report of the Commission. 

The report highlights the achievement made by the Commission during its sixteenth session 2022 and sets the path forward.

The Peacebuilding Commission (PBC) is an intergovernmental advisory body that supports peace efforts in conflict-affected countries and is a key addition to the capacity of the International Community in the broad peace agenda. 

The PBC is composed of 31 Member States, elected from the General Assembly, the Security Council, and the Economic and Social Council. 

The top financial contributing countries and the top troop-contributing countries to the United Nations system are also members.

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