Former NHIF CEO Hassan Mohamed in court

The High Court has allowed scrutiny of eight polling stations for the gubernatorial race in Wajir County to determine if there were any irregularities.

Justice George Dulu directed the deputy registrar of the High Court to preside over the scrutiny process.

Former NHIF CEO Hassan Mohamed had sought scrutiny and recount of ballot papers in 43 polling stations.

Previously, he had sought to have votes cast in 27 polling stations probed before seeking to add 16 more stations to the list, an application Judge Dulu accepted early this month.

In his case, Hassan is also seeking an order to compel IEBC to avail all KIEMS kits or SD cards used in 11 polling stations in Wajir indicating the total number of voters who were captured in the KIEMS kits for scrutiny.

The petitioner also wants the court to direct the IEBC to deliver to the court all ballot boxes and packets of counterfoils of used ballot papers for the gubernatorial election for inspection, scrutiny, and recount of all valid votes.

Hassan seeks to have the election of Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi nullified on grounds that there were gross discrepancies in form 37A returns such that the total votes cast in some polling stations were more than the total voter turnout as per the KIEMS Kit.




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