President Ruto during the meeting held at State House, Nairobi

President William Ruto says Kenya fully supports the Political Framework Agreement signed on December 5, 2022 between the Transitional Sovereignty Council and the civilian political actors in Sudan, reaffirming a strong commitment to peaceful future of their country.

The Agreement sets out a foundation for broad-based consultations between the signatories on important actions that will ensure a successful transition and usher in stability for the Sudan.

“Kenya welcomes such broad-based Consultations between the Signatories to the Framework Agreement, which are already ongoing in Khartoum, exploring solutions to outstanding issues such as Security Sector Reforms and decisions on the future political system of the country,” President Ruto says in a statement.

He notes that a peaceful and secure Sudan is critical for the prosperity and stability of the Horn of Africa and the African continent at large.

“As a fellow IGAD Member State, Kenya will, as always seize every opportunity available to support our brothers and sisters in the Sudan.”

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