Hustler Fund rated best implemented in economic pledges

A survey by Infotrak Kenya has rated food security as the worst implemented promises in economic pledges by President William Ruto in his first 100 days in office.

At the same time, the survey further rated the Hustlers fund as the best-implemented promise at 56pc. 

In a two-day survey, conducted on the 21st and 22nd of December 2022 just a few days before the completion of president William Ruto’s 100 days in office, 840 respondents above 18 years of age from 47 countries were involved to determine how best the promises made by the president during his inaugural speech on the 13th of September have been delivered. 

The survey majored in four key sectors which include foreign affairs, governance, social, infrastructure and the economy. Implementation of promises in Foreign Affairs is rated best overall at 62pc followed by governance at 56pc.

Appointment of the 6 Judges rejected by former president Uhuru Kenyatta according to the survey by Infotrak is rated best at 57.2pc.

The return of Port Operations to Mombasa was also rated best at an overall score of 60pc. 

The lowest score is on economic matters with enhancing financial inclusion through the establishment of the 50 billion shillings Hustlers Fund being rated best at 55.8pc.

The general scorecard of president William Ruto’s administration within the first 100 days is at 52.1pc according to Infotrak Kenya.

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