Lantern Festival Gala announced

China Media Group (CMG) held a press conference for the 2023 Lantern Festival Gala on Friday, introducing a number of technological innovations and program creation highlights. Wang Xiaozhen, vice president of CMG, attended the ceremony.

Jiang Wenbo, a CMG editorial board member, introduced the application of technological innovation at the Lantern Festival Gala.

Jiang Wenbo, a CMG editorial board member, explains how scientific and technological innovation will be used during the Lantern Festival Gala. /CMG

In accordance with the innovation requirements of "thought + art + technology", CMG realizes the integrated production of television and new media and distributes and disseminates it through multiple media platforms. The immersive effects of video and audio programs are greatly improved through the application of new technologies such as AR virtual special effects, XR virtual-real fusion production, stereo video and three-dimensional color sound.

Xu Guangwen, director of CMG's arts program center, outlines the content of the Lantern Festival Gala. /CMG

The Lantern Festival gala will continue the general tone of "happy, auspicious, jubilant", through variety forms of the program, to show the traditional characteristics of the Lantern Festival, introduced Xu Guangwen, director of CMG's arts program center, 

A series of traditional Chinese folk crafts, which have been listed as national intangible cultural heritage, will make a surprise appearance at the gala.

On Feb 5, 20, the 2023 Lantern Festival Gala will be broadcast simultaneously on CCTV's TV channels, radio, and new media platforms. About 500 city cultural squares across the country will broadcast the Lantern Festival gala on 8K ultra-high-definition public large-screen communication platforms.

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