From left Duncan Ngoga, Big Bad Wolf CEO Andrew Yap, Miss Koch Founder and Director Emmy Erodanga and Bradley Heslop handing over books to Star Light Academy in Korogocho on January 19 2023.

In a move aimed at supporting school children from the informal settlement of Korogocho , as well as promoting the reading culture ,Big Bad Wolf Sharjah has donated  1500 books to kids  at the New Light Academy .

The activity was the culmination of the the book fair which was held at the Sarit Centre from 14th December 2022, through the 2nd of January 2023.

According to the founder  Big Bad Wolf founder Andrew Yap, the move is targeting to raise the  reading culture which has dwindled  in the country  especially  in the semi formal settlements besides  improving literacy levels of  young Kenyans.

“I hope the partnership we have will enable us to engage the young learners to comprehend the culture of reading”, 

“learners  should comprehend  so that when they come out, they are thinkers beyond classroom and we can do more things” emphasised Yap

Miss Koch Founder and Director Emmy Erodanga (second left), Adam Boxer, and Big Bad Wolf Kenyan representative Bradley Heslop before handing over books to Star Light Academy in Korogocho on January 19 2023

This was part of the organization’s  give back to the community after another social corporate responsibility  where it supported  Miss Koch Kenya education programme  which will in the Lon run ensure  children in Korogocho slum get access to education.

Big bad Wolf which brags for over 500,000 books of which 15,000 titles were sold at discounted prices of unto 95% during the book fair period.

The book fair in Kenya was a culmination similar excursuses that were held in Malaysia and Tanzania during which books that were on offer were included  children's books among them board games, sound books, story books ,picture and colour books.

Big Bad wolf also pledged  500 books to the Miss Koch programme  ,a non governmental organisation based in Korogocho offering education, empowerment, and mentorship to girls and women in the slum area.

Kenya boasts of 85% literacy rate the 4th highest literacy level in Africa as per the African economist but most of them only read newspapers.

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