CS Owalo during a breakfast reception held in his honour by IHRM

Information, Communications and Digital Economy CS Eliud Owalo Wednesday morning challenged Human Resource leaders in the country to play a leading role in the emerging Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The CS reminded HR practitioners that the global community was on the verge of a new brave world.

"It is the world of automation, artificial intelligence, robotics, and the Internet of things, among others," he said during a breakfast reception held in his honor in Nairobi.

 "Digital technology is changing the way we do old things, and at the same time bringing up new things to be done. Wemust reimagine the future and reengineer ourselves for it.  We must be predictive and create our own spaces, into and in, that future," he added during the reception that was hosted by the Institute of Human Resource Management.

 In the emerging new world where digital technology is the engine, fuel and driver of work and life, the CS further challenged HR leaders to reflect on whether what they are doing today is going to fit in the brave new digital world.

"This is the question everyone must ask. The question is even more relevant for HR practitioners. How is the workforce you have transforming itself with the technology?” He posed.

Owalo advised HR leaders and managers not to fear change, but instead embrace the right attitude towards it.

"You are now leading younger people, some of whom are more intelligent than you. Give them room to be innovative," the CS said. 

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