KCETA officials hand over cheque to President William Ruto

The Chinese business community operating in the country under the Kenya China Economic and Trade Association has made a financial contribution to boosting efforts aimed at aiding Kenyans suffering the effects of drought.

KCETA handed over a cheque of Ksh. 10 million to President William Ruto at State House, Nairobi towards the cause. The cheque will be deposited with the National Drought Mitigation Appeal Fund for drought relief work.

Since the worsening drought, it is estimated that more than 4.35 million Kenyans will face hunger and around 5 million people will not have access to adequate water. What’s more, the drought situation is expected to cause more than 10% of Kenya's population, approximately 6.4 million people, to require humanitarian assistance by 2023.

The Kenya China Economic and Trade Association noted that “Chinese companies are willing to work with Kenya to further cooperate in promoting disaster reduction capacity building, improving infrastructure functions, strengthening technology transfer & personnel training, and environmental governance in the future, so as to improve Kenya's ability to respond to disasters and the level of agricultural development.”

In recent years, Chinese companies have built water conservancies and irrigation projects in many parts of Kenya, effectively solving the water scarcity and numerous other production problems to local communities.

At the same time, China and Kenya have jointly established the Sino-Africa Joint Research Center and the Kenya-China Joint Laboratory for Crop Molecular Biology to provide technology transfer in the field of agricultural science and technology and help Africa develop modern agriculture.

 The Kenya China Economic and Trade Association is a civil society composed of Chinese enterprises in Kenya, with 100 members.

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