The training is being conducted by Defenders Coalition

Rights defenders from all 47 Counties are undergoing a rigorous capacity-building exercise in Nairobi to effectively network, promote and protect rights.

The training organised by Defenders Coalition will culminate in a recognition ceremony for outstanding rights defenders in Kenya this Friday.

The awards ceremony will recognize, honor, and appreciate the extraordinary work of Human Rights Defenders in the protection of human rights while they face many challenges in their capacity as agents of social change and transformation.

According to the executive director Kamau Ngugi, human rights advocates working on issues of social responsibility and corruption at the county level continue to be subject to occupational hazards that are constantly changing.

"Grassroots rights advocates encounter issues that are sensitive, significant, and changing in character every day. Incubating a favorable climate for infractions against those eager against misuse of public funds and abuse of power include the recurrent changes in county leadership, misappropriation of funds, and contempt for the rule of law” he says.

The civil society group has this year alone identified and addressed more than 20 situations of human rights defenders in need of assistance.

"The lack of legislative frameworks to protect the rights of individuals on the front lines defending the rights of others means that the gap in the safety and security of rights defenders continues to exist. No one should, in my opinion, face retribution for upholding the law”, said Ngugi.

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