The Government is set to appeal the High Court ruling that stopped the importation and distribution of genetically modified crops.

Livestock Principal Secretary Harry Kimutai says the government is confident that the appeals court will overturn the ruling since the government carried meetings with all stakeholders before the GMO ban was lifted.

This is because players in the horticulture sector are worried that international markets will soon impose a GMO certification requirement on Kenyan produce due to a lack of proper GMO policy.

The appeal comes days after the High Court temporarily suspended importation and distribution of genetically modified organisms.

Judge Mugure Thande also temporarily barred importation of GMO products, foods and materials by government or any person either directly or indirectly.  

The lawsuit was filed by Kenyan Peasants League -a lobby group representing peasant farmers.

The group claims that the decision of President William Ruto-led administration to lift the ban and remove regulatory protocols imposed in 2012 is unprocedural and unlawful.

The group alleges that GMO products pose a health risk to Kenyans, particularly the poor and those with low incomes.

It also alleges that the government lifted the ban without involving Kenyans through the public participation rule, as required by the Constitution. They are opposed to the importation, cultivation, and consumption of GMOs.

The GMOs had been placed under ban by the previous administrations of Presidents Mwai Kibaki (the late) and Uhuru Kenyatta since 2012 for the purpose of protecting the right and freedoms of Kenyans.

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