The Ministry of Agriculture is working with the Food and Agriculture Organization to map out long-term measures for navigating drought.

Agriculture and Livestock Development Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi has said urgent action should be taken to address food challenges the country is facing, through a focus on efficient and effective agri-food systems.

At the height of the ravaging drought, the government had set out to distribute relief foods to the most affected as a relief to Kenyans facing starvation.

CS Linturi said this is only a short-term solution, and efforts should now be projected into preventing a repeat of the same.

He says the drought has rendered about 4.5 million Kenyans to face starvation and claimed over 2.5 million livestock worth Ksh 1.8 billion.

Linturi notes that erratic weather patterns are a matter of global concern, and the international community should work together to transform agriculture.

He made the remarks during the ongoing United Nations, Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Council meeting in Rome, Italy.

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