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Is it really important for couples to have similar personalities? 

According to research, individual personality traits have an effect on relationship satisfaction and bliss. In her paper, The effects of Personality traits on marital satisfaction, clinical psychologist Dr Roselynne Webbo posits that “similarity between partners’ (personality traits) also contributes to increased feelings of being understood in a relationship, as well as relationship satisfaction.”

However, the allure of dating someone who is your opposite cannot be dismissed. It is exciting when you’re looking for newness or looking for something you lack but over time such differences can become irritating. 

According to Tom and Lynette Lichuma, authors of “To the Altar and Beyond”, who have been married for 40 years, “Marriage involves work. Both partners have to work together through companionship, and intimacy in order to find joy and happiness in each other.” Most of the time it involves compromise and it is easier to compromise if you already fundamentally agree.

Here are 5 reasons to consider dating someone with similar personality traits

You love the same things

This should be a breeze when it comes to planning activities

Your goals are similar

Most of the time, people with similar personality traits more or less, want the same things in life. 

You can be comfortable around each other

When you share similar interests and dislikes, it is easier to become comfortable around each other. 

You understand each other

It is easier to be understood when you and your partner share a similar worldview. 

You complement each other

This means that both of you are both improving and building each other up. 

Last thing to note, dating someone similar to you doesn’t mean that you won’t have arguments, it just means that he might like D.C. while you like Marvel. 

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