Anita Nderu & Nadia Mukami

If you recently had a baby and have noticed that chunks of your hair are falling out, while saddening, there is no need to worry, it is a normal occurrence after childbirth.

Specifically, postpartum hair loss is a common condition that occurs about three months after childbirth and can last up to six months. It’s a normal part of pregnancy and is only temporary. For most people, your hair will grow back to its original fullness.

Keeping in mind that it is one of the many side effects of hormonal changes, you may also find comfort in the knowledge that you are not going through it alone. Recently Kenyan media personality Anita Nderu, who recently became a mother shared her frustration with what she called “shedding.”

Taking to her Instagram stories she shared, “My hairline has moved so far back all this text fits!!! I don't even mind that it's thinning and falling off but can it at least do so with uniformity? What kind of hairline is it working towards? Can I be in on the plan?”

Adding that her baby was also going through the same.

“Peanut is also at the balding stage. You would think we have puppies in our home cause of the amount of shedding we are doing.”

Anita is not the first Kenyan celebrity to go through postpartum hair loss, last year musician Nadia Mukami revealed that her hair loss had gotten so bad she had decided on cutting her hair entirely.

Here are some fast facts about postpartum hair loss

How does it happen: Changes in the hormone estrogen during and after pregnancy cause postpartum hair loss. In the last trimester of pregnancy, your estrogen levels increase. This prevents the typical shedding of hair causing it to become lush and thick during this time.

After childbirth, estrogen levels drop. 

This causes many hairs that were in the growing phase (anagen) because of estrogen to suddenly enter the resting phase (telogen) resulting in hair loss a few months later.

How Long does it last: While frustrating, this hair loss is only temporary. In most cases, The shedding lasts less than six months. Your hair should regain its fullness by the time your child turns one.

Prevention and Treatment: There is no foolproof way to prevent hair loss other than to accept the process and buy a fabulous wig.

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