Tanzanian musician Harmonize is threatening to sue former boss Diamond Platnumz and Wasafi Records over unpaid royalties. Konde Boy as he is popularly referred to by his fans has assembled a team of lawyers in preparation for a legal battle. 

Harmonize, who left the label in 2019 says despite paying his way out of his original contract, he has not received a penny from his music. He further alleges that Wasafi has teamed up with music distribution platform Mziiki to take his share of earnings.

“Wasafi and Mziiki have partnered to mess with me yet I have done them no wrong. It’s been a tussle to get what is rightfully mine from them so that I can feed my family just like they are doing with their families. Why would they deny me access to my intellectual property rights (IP) and while at it they continue to collect money from my IPs on my behalf?” Harmonize said. 

The “Single Again” singer is urging newly appointed Deputy Minister for Culture, Arts and Sports, Tanzanian rapper Mwana FA to intervene in the matter. 

“I am counting on him (Mwana FA) to help me because I have been unable to collect my publishing royalties for three years,” he added.

The threats to sue come barely two weeks after Harmonize claimed that for the last seven years, he had not earned a single penny from his music. In a series of Instagram posts, he said despite owning his own Masters* he had not received a royalty cheque. 

Harmonize, born Rajab Abdul Kahali, became a household name in 2016 while signed to Diamond Platnumz record label Wasafi. The two later collaborated together on the hit song “Kwangwaru” before he left the label. In 2021, while addressing the media, Harmonize cited jealousy and the terms of his contract being the reason he left.

“I was signed into a 10-year contract at WCB. Any money I earned within the contract, Diamond would take 60%, leaving me with 40%. I would have to add my own money to my share in order to push my music”, he said further adding, “All artists who have had a quarrel with Diamond, has only been after they have hit the limelight. But as an upcoming artist, they are friends…”

*Masters in the music industry are the original recordings of a song or performance.

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