Pritti Vishy

Musician Pritty Vishy has taken to her Instagram stories to call out celebrities for failing to attend Chiloba’s burial.

Edwin Chiloba, the former fashion designer and model, was buried yesterday at his parents' home in Sergoit village, Keiyo North, Elgeyo Marakwet. 

Taking on a tone of disappointment, the “Dear Ex” musician said that when she attended the wedding, she expected his so-called “family” to be there.

"When I went to Chiloba's send off I expected to see the people that call themselves his friend or so-called "family" to be there...But what I saw was less my expectation…”

She further added that many of them had been making a lot of noise on social media and yet when the time came they were nowhere to be seen, She also implied and questioned whether the “noise” was clout chasing.

Pritty did not mention names, but Michelle Ntalami is one of the few friends of Chiloba who did not attend the burial. 

Explaining her absence Michelle said, “Those who didn’t or couldn’t manage to don’t love him any less!”

Ntalami was among members of the LGBTQ community who held a vigil for Chiloba on Tuesday night.

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