Two imprisoned French journalists

Two French journalists were handed  1 year suspended prison sentence plus a further 10,000 euro fine in Paris on Tuesday.

The two were , found guilty of trying to blackmail the King of Morocco Mohammed VI in 2015 by extorting money  so as not to publish a book .

The journalists, whose lawyers have already filed an  appeal, denied having made any threat but admitted having made an "ethical error" by accepting a proposal for a financial arrangement from Rabat.

The two Eric Laurent ,aged  76 and Catherine Graciet 48 years had written a book  portraying King Mohammed VI of Morocco, negatively in 2015 and in return wanted to bribed with  2 million euros  for non publication  of the book.

A meeting was arranged by Moroccan authority  who  lodged a complaint and an investigation was opened: two other meetings were then held under police surveillance on August 21 and 27.

Catherine Gracieta nd Eric Laurent  were present in the 3rd meeting in Paris  after which they were given two envelopes each containing 40,000 euros  in cash ,but were arrested immediately  by the Police.

The three meetings had been recorded in secret by Hicham Naciri, emissery to King Mohammed the VI ,a recording which was used as evidence by the court.

The court almost entirely followed the requisitions of the prosecution, which asked during the trial on January 17 for a one-year suspended sentence and a fine of 15,000 euros. 

In addition, the journalists were ordered to pay one euro in damages and 5,000 euros each in legal fees.

8 years  later after the facts presented before court , the Kingdom of Morocco has won its case and the truth of this affair .

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