Justina Syokau

Since the year 2020 when her song “Twendi Twendi” went viral, Justina Syokau has made a name for herself by releasing a new song days before the New Year. As expected the Kamba musician has released a new song “Twendi Twendi Thilii” (2023).

Announcing the release of the song, she said that the coming year would be a year of growth.

“2023 I will not settle for less I have the spirit of greatness I will expand. Nitapanuka Kwa jina la yesu. Every step I will take by the grace. God expand me,I will not rest until am settled, in Jesus name,” she said. (SIC)

The song encourages everyone to embrace their best selves in the coming year and to embrace growth and blessings.

“Twendi Twendi Thilii” is currently available to stream and is trending in the top 20 on YouTube.

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