Water Police Unit have scale up the nationwide crackdown to bring sanity water sector through the operation dubbed LINDA MAJI LIPA MAJI.

The Water Police Unit has turned up the heat in its quest to disconnect illegal water connections costing the county losses in revenue.

In a continued crackdown on those behind illegal connections one person was arrested in King Stone area, Lunga Lunga. 

The Water Police Unit (WPU) and Nairobi County Askari’s were back in the area barely 24 hours after they were forced to retreat following an ambush by the residents who pelted them with stones in an attempt to block them from disconnecting the illegal line.

In the company of administrative police officers they proceeded to identify the illegal connection.

The engineers on site disabled the connection installed meters for the residents to pay for water.

The Chairman of the residents of Kingston, Lauwasare Sabunyaki, said the residents are ready to pay for water use. 

The Water Services Regulatory Board has licensed Thika Water and Sewerage Company to operate for another eight years.

The WASREB Board Chairman Prof Simon Gicharu while issuing the license at Thiwasco offices in Thika said the water provider met all the lawful requirements to be licensed to continue operating.

The illegal connection in  the  informal settlements has denied  citizens access to water after creating an artificial shortage amidst the current drought. 

WPU have scale up the nationwide crackdown  to bring sanity water sector through the operation dubbed Linda Maji Lipa Maji.  

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