Isiolo Governor Abdi Guyo calling for repatriation of armed herders

The death toll from clashes pitting armed herders from Isiolo and Samburu Counties at Mlango area, Burat ward of Isiolo County has risen to three.

This follows the death of one of the herders who was caught in the gunfire and has been nursing gunshot wounds at the Isiolo County Referral Hospital for the last two days.

Following the clashes, Isiolo County Governor Abdi Guyo has called for immediate repatriation of armed herders from the neighboring Samburu County who have pitched camp at Mlango area in search of water and pasture resulting to the ongoing conflict.

The host Somali and Turkana herders are strongly opposed to the presence of the herders from outside the county.

Speaking at the volatile Mlango area during a peace meeting held last evening, Governor Guyo attributed the ongoing conflict to the presence of armed herders from Samburu County, considering the numerous atrocities they have caused to the local host communities every dry season as theyforcefully graze, steal from the hosts and even kill before going back to their home county when it rains.

Guyo noted that it has always been prudent to extend an helping hand to neighbors when drought strikes, but it was no longer tenable to do so if people have to die in the process.

During the meeting, representatives of the affected communities pinpointed the presence of armed herders from the neighboring counties of Samburu and Marsabit as the main cause of the conflict.

They noted that they cannot share the remaining pasture which the termed inadequate.

The Mlango peace meeting was held after Isiolo leaders led by Governor Guyo visited the injured at the Isiolo County Referral Hospital.

Three victims of the clash are still nursing gunshot wounds at the hospital after one of them succumbed yesterday.

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